Credora is a provider for institutional credit infrastructure, which spans both centralized and Decentralized Finance. The company has raised 6 million as part of a strategic round of funding that included S&P Global Ventures and Coinbase Ventures. The money will be used to build Credora’s technology, and enhance its private computation technology which is used to monitor and underwrite borrowers.

According to the New York-based firm, borrowers are reluctant to disclose sensitive information. This forces lenders to rely more on their reputation and relationships to decide whether to extend credit. The collapse of several central lenders, including CoinDesk’s sister company Genesis, Celsius Network, and Voyager Digital revealed the weaknesses of opaque lending models.

Darshan Vaidya, CEO of Credora, said in a press release that the company’s private computation techniques are used to solve the problem of information asymmetry. This allows borrowers to continuously verify their creditworthiness and maintain the privacy their sensitive data. “Credora’s technology helps to create more open and transparent lending markets built on robust standards of underwriting.”

Credora was founded in 2019. The company provides lending infrastructure, as well as a credit rating system tailored to private credit markets. Its privacy-preserving technology enables lenders to make informed decisions in real time without compromising borrower data. Credora, according to its company, has provided over $1 billion worth of loans.

The funding round also included Spartan Capital, Amber Group CMT Digital Hashkey GSR KuCoin Ventures liquidity provider Pirata Capital Breed VC WAGMI Ventures and WAGMI Ventures. Credora now has a total of $16 million raised.

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Sheldon Reback is the editor.