Sys Labs, the developer behind the Syscoin blockchain, which aims to combine Ethereum-style programmability with Bitcoin’s security, has launched a “<a href=",bottlenecks%20with%20scaling%20and%20data. Rollux is a "layer 2" network that allows for faster and cheaper transactions.

The Rollux blockchain is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM. This software executes smart contracts in Ethereum. The project gets its security from Bitcoin miners via a process known as <a href=",proof%20from%20work%20already%20performed. The original merged mining was introduced by Satoshi in 2010.

Just as layer 2 networks or “<a href=",a%20fraction%20of%20the%20price. Rollups on top of the Ethereum blockchain allows for faster transactions. The Rollux network, which is based on Syscoin, can process 700 transactions in a second, assuming basic transfers.

In an interview, Sidhu stated that “Merged Mining is a system which can be used to increase the scale of a rollup.” The project, he said, has been under development for eight years.

Rollups such as Optimism Arbitrum and zkSync profiled atop Ethereum to avoid congestion. Ethereum is notorious for its sometimes exorbitant fees . Bitcoin ( BTC ) is the oldest and largest blockchain. It is also considered to be the most secure. However, it lacks Ethereum’s programmability through smart contracts.

Sidhu stated that a deal was struck for the storage of data via Lighthouse Storage.