Taproot Wizards, a Bitcoin Ordinals project, has delayed its ” Quantum Cats ” collection for a 3rd time. This is a further embarrassment to the high-profile initiative.

Taproot suspended the sale after technical problems disrupted the planned sale of the digital art series similar to NFT on Monday. The company promised that the sale would resume 24 hours later. The plan was abandoned quickly in favor of delaying sales until Thursday. On Wednesday evening, just before the sale was to resume, a second postponement, this time until February 5, was announced.

The company is selling 3,000 cats for a price of 0.1 BTC per cat. This could theoretically raise $12 million, easily exceeding the $7.5 Million in investor money raised by the company last year.

Taproot Wizards claims it underestimated the demand for Quantum Cats from the community. The Quantum Cats account on X wrote in a post that “issues” had been resolved with the minting website, but additional testing was needed “to ensure we don’t find any unknown bugs on mint date.”

According to the article, “the mint website didn’t perform well enough.” “Ultimately, that’s our fault and we should have done a better-quality job the first time.”

After its launch a year ago, the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol caused quite a stir. The ability to store and mint NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, in a manner similar to other chains such as Ethereum, brought a new utility to the system.

For some Bitcoin purists however, Ordinals just created unnecessary congestion on network and distracted from the original stated mission of the blockchain to be a peer to peer payments network.

Casey Rodarmor, The Bitcoin Artist