CORRECTION (18 July 2023, 16h56 UTC) : Corrects the number ETF applications for which regulatory review deadlines have been set this week.

This week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will decide whether to accept or reject six applications including BlackRock to list spot bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The Federal Register published the application for Bitwise’s Bitcoin ETP Trust on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the following information will be included in the compendium.

The SEC released documents last week regarding bitcoin ETFs. However, the formal review process begins only after the filings have been published in the Register. This initially sets a 45-day deadline, but it can be extended up to 240 days.

The Register is the official daily newspaper of the U.S. Government. It contains executive orders, federal agency regulation, proposed agency rule and other documents which are required to be published by law.

The SEC has not yet approved any of these applications. However, the filing made by the industry giant BlackRock has led to speculation that approval is more likely.

The SEC has extended the deadline for approval of the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF. It was published in the Federal Register (May 15) and approved by the SEC on June 15.

A spokesperson for Valkyrie confirmed that the SEC has accepted their application to list the spot-bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) by Valkyrie. The ETF was not listed in the Federal Register, but the SEC did accept the application on Monday.

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UPDATE (18 July 2023, 1707 UTC) ARK 21Shares is added.

UPDATE (18 July 2023, 1757 UTC) Adds a statement from Valkyrie.

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