The U.K. Crypto Register has added the first two companies in six months, Bitstamp (a crypto exchange) and Interactive Brokers IBKR (an online brokerage firm).

The Financial Conduct Authority’s register of crypto firms who have met their anti-money laundering regulations and terror funding regulations. These two additions increase the number of approved companies to 42.

The FCA only has the power to ensure that crypto companies comply with the rules and register with the agency. However, a bill currently working its way through the Parliament, if it is passed, will ensure that crypto is treated like a regulated industry, and give the agency, and the Payments Systems Regulator, more power to protect the consumers and regulate the industry.

Bitstamp was added to this list on Tuesday. It had registered with France and Spain, along with Italy, last year. In a blog post, the company said that it now has 52 licenses and registrations.

In a press release sent by email, CEO Jean-Baptiste Graftieaux stated that “mainstream adoption continues to be our objective.”

It was announced on Monday that Interactive Brokers of Greenwich in Connecticut is now included on the list. It started offering cryptocurrency trading in Hong Kong to professional investors in February of this year. In 2021, joined forces with Paxos Trust to offer crypto trading to clients.

Updated (June 13, 15:27 UTC). Added Bitstamp registrations and quotes in the fourth and fifth paragraphs. Interactive Brokers background is in the sixth paragraph.

Sheldon Reback is the editor.