SOL Price Index and Live Chart – CoinDesk”>(SOL) crypto wallet startup TipLink is making a play for newcomer blockchain users with a service that cuts wallet browser extensions out of the equation.

It’s called TipLink Wallet adaptor and creates a wallet in the browser linked to Google accounts. This eliminates the need for users to set up less user-friendly wallets like Phantom, Solflare, or others before they can receive tokens.

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“It allows for a simple onboarding of the rest the world,” said CEO Ian Krotinsky.

TipLink’s developers believe that the workaround is more appealing to internet users, who do not have a cryptocurrency wallet or the desire to create one. They can instead receive a link to the wallet, log in with their popular credentials and go.

This might anger the most ardent of proponents of self-custody, those for whom the phrase “not your keys, no your coins” rings the loudest. Krotinsky doesn’t care about appeasing this crowd. He said that the app hides its private keys out of reach so as to prevent users from accidentally giving them to an aspiring phisher. Google’s security measures are very effective, especially for those who use two-factor authentication.

Krotinsky added that, over time, the team will add “more layers” of security.

TipLink, for example, works as a kind of walled-garden for dapps. According to a video promotional shared with CoinDesk, it will only interact programs that have already been vetted for maliciousness or to ensure that they won’t steal funds from users.

TipLink has also launched a service called “Pro”, which will help developers to distribute their cryptos via links to hundreds or even thousands of users.

Nick Baker is the editor.