Tornado Cash dev Alex Pertsev to be released under surveillance

Tornado Cash dev Alex Pertsev to be released under surveillance

Dutch authorities arrested the Tornado Cash developer in August as part of an investigation into a crypto mixer service.


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Alex Pertsev, the Tornado Cash developer who spent nearly nine months behind bars, is about to be released. Pertsev, who was detained by Dutch authorities in August of last year on suspicion that he was involved in money-laundering through Tornado Cash, is set to be released from prison.

Cointelegraph confirmed this news to people who are familiar with the situation. Pertsev will be home on April 26th, which is also his birthday. Tornado Cash Developer can now wait for his trial at home, thanks to the suspended release.

Pertsev’s arrest came shortly after the United States Treasury Department added dozens of Tornado Cash address to the Office of Foreign Asset Control list (OFAC), on August 8.

According to Pertsev’s wife who spoke to Cointelegraph, she was happy about the new release.

“I am sorry that Alex spent so much time in prison. I believe we can now prepare a full defense and prove that Alex didn’t do the things that are being accused of. The experience had a profound impact on both him and me. It fundamentally changed our lives. The most important thing is that he’ll be free very soon.”

In November, the Dutch court had denied the developer’s request to be released on surveillance, based on prosecution’s claim that Pertsev was a flight danger. Pertsev is a central character in Tornado Cash, according to the prosecution. In February, the developer’s bail request was again denied.

Crypto mixers, or mixing services, are platforms used to hide the origin of cryptocurrency transactions. These mixers are designed to make transactions difficult to track and anonymous. These platforms mix cryptocurrency transactions and send them to multiple wallet addresses. Tornado Cash, a popular mixing service before the sanctions, was one of those platforms.

Crypto community reacted with joy when they heard about Pertsev being released under surveillance. The founder of Crypto Canal and a crypto educator who was present at the hearing stated that the most important part is that Pertsev can “walk around and work on [his] defence, which was almost impossible while detained.”