According to a excerpt of her testimony, U.S. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen will tell Congress the crypto industry is a potential threat to the financial system. This includes the dangers of unstablecoins, crypto platform runs and volatile prices.

Yellen will appear before the House Financial Services Committee to discuss the latest work done by the Financial Stability Oversight Council, a group that includes the heads of U.S. Financial Agency. The secretary is the head of this group. In recent years, the council, whose goal is to prevent the next financial crises, has given special attention crypto risks.

Treasury Secretary Yellen Says U.S. Needs Better Stablecoin Regulation

The council’s focus is on digital assets, including the risks posed by crypto-asset platforms, stablecoins and price volatility. She also spoke about the proliferation of platforms that are not in compliance with laws or regulations.

Yellen stated that she will continue to work with Congress on crypto-legislation.

She said that “applicable rules and regulations must be enforced and Congress should pass legislation regulating stablecoins, the spot market and crypto-assets which are not securities.”

Although her brief remarks do not reveal any new initiative or interest, the fact that she listed digital assets as a key issue keeps the crypto industry in the forefront of the U.S. Government’s financial concerns.

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