• The Turkish government is working on a package of regulations for the crypto-industry.
  • A member of parliament told CoinDesk Turkey that the goal of the package was to protect consumers and foster innovation in the industry.

In an interview with CoinDesk Turkey on Tuesday, Omer Ileri, deputy chairperson of the ruling AK Party said that the rules are aimed at protecting consumers, but also promoting innovation.

Ileri, the AK Party’s head of Information and Communication Technologies, met with representatives from the crypto industry, including media members and legal experts, to discuss a planned legislative package.

Ileri stated that “our goal is to secure and protect the citizen, the investor, the platforms but also to present a draft of law which paves way for innovators, innovation,

Ileri said that Turkey has ambitious plans in various tech fields such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. He cited initiatives such as Blockchain Istanbul, and Forum Metaverse of President Recep T. Erdogan’s government as examples of its interest in the blockchain area.

Mehmet Simsek, the Finance Minister of the country, said in January that the government had almost completed technical studies to create a crypto legislation package. Ileri stated Tuesday that a “legal analysis” of crypto assets was important to protect consumers and promote innovation.

The meeting today was very useful in this regard. Sector representatives discussed their opinions on the situation assessment. They shared their thoughts on what they thought should be in the draft. He said, “We can see that we all have similar opinions in this process.”

Sandali Handagama is the editor.