• VanEck Europe is the European division for the global asset management company. It expects that half of its assets will come from cryptocurrency in the future.
  • Martijn Rozemuller is the CEO of VanEck Europe. He said that crypto would become more important, and he saw more growth potential in this area.
  • VanEck Europe, the issuer, issuing the VanEck Crypto & Blockchain Innovators ETF, which includes Coinbase, Block and MicroStrategy amongst others.

VanEck, an asset manager of 69 years with a history of bringing innovative investments to its customers, is optimistic about the role that crypto will play within its European division.

Martijn Rozemuller is the CEO of VanEck Europe. He said that today, approximately 10% of assets managed by the company are crypto products, and 90% come from traditional investing via ETFs.

He said, “I believe that the balance will change.” “Crypto is going to become more important… and the balance will be closer 50/50.”

VanEck is a U.S. company that pioneered the sale of international assets to Americans in the 1950s, and created a gold-backed fund in 1960.

Rozemuller shared his interest in crypto with VanEck’s CEO Jan Van Eck. This could have influenced the acquisition of VanEck’s Europe division. VanEck acquired Think ETF Asset Management in 2018, a Dutch ETF provider founded by Rozemuller.

Rozemuller stated that bitcoin was a hot topic as soon as they met with Jan. “Even before the acquisition of bitcoin, it was a big issue,” he said. “Jan said that he had already been looking into ways to possibly do something in the U.S., and we told him: ‘Well, actually, we are working on something here in Europe too.'” ‘”

VanEck launched one of 10 new U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs in January. But it has been involved in crypto for a long time, as its bigger rival BlackRock. VanEck filed for an ETF linked to bitcoin back in 2017.

VanEck Europe launched the VanEck Blockchain and Crypto Innovators UCITS Fund in 2021. It holds stock of Coinbase Global and Marathon Digital. Bitfarms, MicroStrategy and Bitfarms are also included.

VanEck Europe has ranked the fund among its 15 best-performing ETFs by assets managed, despite it being much more volatile than other products.

Rozemuller is passionate about crypto for a reason that’s not often mentioned. He said that he believes people should invest in a “sensible” way, and not just to chase performance or make a quick gain. Instead, he wants them to do it for the long term. He said that many of VanEck Europe‚Äôs crypto ETF investors are exactly like this. “I like that personally a lot.”

VanEck Europe wants to become the “go-to” issuer of all things “non mainstream,” even though it is already the leader in its field.

There are some competitors who have very nice ETFs. Some competitors focus on crypto exchange-traded securities. “But there aren’t many who do both, and do them both really well,” Rozemuller added.

Nick Baker is the editor.