Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. SPCE, -5.47 % announced the names of three passengers on its first flight that will take private astronauts into space. The VSS Unity will carry 80-year old Olympian Jon Goodwin as well as Keisha and Anastatia, mother and daughter who won their seats in a raffle to raise money for the non-profit Space for Humanity. Virgin Galactic says that Schahaff, and Mayers will be the first mother and daughter duo to travel to space. They are also the first astronauts to come from the Caribbean. Virgin Galactic announced that Goodwin, a 1972 canoeist who represented Great Britain in the Munich Olympics, was the first Olympian with Parkinson’s to fly to space. Goodwin said, “When I received my Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2014, I decided to live life to the fullest, despite the disease.” “And for me to be able to go into space with Parkinson’s, is absolutely magical.” I hope that this will inspire others who are facing challenges and show them they don’t need to be stopped from pursuing their goals. Virgin Galactic has set a target date of for its Galactic 02 mission on Aug. 10, which is the second commercial spaceflight, and seventh spaceflight. The Galactic 01 mission carried three crew from the Italian Air Force and National Research Council of Italy to space last month in order to conduct microgravity research. Virgin Galactic stock rose by 1.1% during premarket trading on Monday.