Ledger’s security breach compromised multiple Ethereum-based applications, including Zapper and SushiSwap. Balancer, Phantom, Revoke.cash, on Thursday morning. Ledger, a Paris-based manufacturer of crypto hardware wallets, has said that it has fixed malicious code by 13:35 UTC. The company also advised users to clear sign transactions to make sure they are using the company’s software and website.

The number of decentralized apps (dapps), or the amount of money lost, is not known. Social media reports suggest that the exploit may be widespread. Blockaid, a security firm for blockchains, reported that upwards of $150k in cryptocurrency had been lost as a result of this “supply-chain attack” on Ledger Connect Kit. This kit is used across the DeFi ecosystem.

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Matthew Lilley , Sushi’s Chief Technology Officer , wrote on X/Twitter as one of the very first to acknowledge the attacks: “Do not interact in ANY dApps.” It appears that a Web3 connector, which is widely used by dApps, has been compromised.

Hacks are common in crypto, particularly in the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which is a free-wheeling environment where financial software can be deployed without adequate auditing or testing and by users who lack the necessary knowledge to perform proper due diligence. Attacks on centralized entities (aka companies) like Ledger are common.

The crypto industry is tarnished by these breaches, which affect not only the people involved but also its reputation. Steve Gibson, Internet pioneer and security specialist, keeps track of the crypto hacks in the podcast , “Security Now,”, which he hosts with fellow tech icon Leo Laporte. He recently stated that any industry with a running list of the biggest hacks should not be trusted.

There is a silver lining in some crypto-related exploits. Even though these events are often dark, they can be a way for crypto professionals to show off their skills, as well as the inherent benefits of blockchain. The majority of crypto transactions are irreversible, but attackers may find themselves in a dead end trying to capitalize on their gains.

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Tether, the biggest stablecoin, for example, announced that it had frozen the address of the explorer hours after the attack, which shows the ability of on-chain sleuths to track down and place pressure against attackers.

Is it too early to laugh? CoinDesk’s annual list included Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier as well as several DeFi protocols. Perhaps we can laugh at the timing. Even the worst moments in open-source development can be valuable for all . Social media has been a place to laugh, criticize and learn from the breach.

Benjamin Schiller is the editor.