In the age of large language models (LLMs) and ChatGPT, AI is poised to make a weird internet even weirder – turning the content-driven social media apps, news sites and media platforms of today into future <a href=",robots%20that%20are%20highly%20realistic. The uncanny valley is a place where robots are highly realistic and the lines between human and machine blurred.

Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of Open AI, the company behind ChatGPT, believes that blockchains will help distinguish between bots and humans as AI advances.

Altman’s Worldcoin crypto project rose to prominence with a controversial Silicon Valley vision of a universal income (UBI). This was a crypto token which could be distributed to everyone on the planet in equal quantities.

Worldcoin has launched a brand new product this week, which is set to be the biggest launch yet. World App is Worldcoin’s cryptocurrency wallet built on Polygon sidechain of Ethereum. It will be available to anyone anywhere.

The new app is a hybrid of a minimalist crypto wallet and a passport for the AI age. Worldcoin is making its biggest move yet to redefine themselves in the eyes and minds of consumers.

Re-introducing Worldcoin

The initial launch of Worldcoin was not smooth. The metal orb that was used by the project to authenticate users to be a part of the Worldcoin network to scan the retina for scanning was criticized for being dystopian. A exposé from the MIT Technology Review also forced Tools for Humanity – the company behind Worldcoin – to face allegations of exploitation.

Weathered by negative press coverage and a tumultuous year for the wider crypto industry – and amid an AI boom kicked off, in large part, by Altman’s Open AI – Worldcoin reasserted itself in March with a repackaged vision focused on “proof of personhood.” Announced in March, Worldcoin’s World ID protocol will allow app developers to leverage its network of biometrically-authenticated humans.

“Everything that happened in AI over the last six-months has helped people better understand the project,” said Tiago Sada, head of products at Tools for Humanity.

World App is a stripped down crypto wallet for those who don’t have a World ID or haven’t yet scanned their retinas with Worldcoin. It’s not unlike Coinbase Wallet or Metamask or any other app that allows people to store, buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Sada explained that “you would find even less features on World App than some of these wallets, and this is deliberate.”

Tools for Humanity is a global company with ambitions to expand. It says its wallet app was designed to be more user-friendly than other wallet services. The app has a minimalist design to avoid overwhelming new crypto-users. It also boasts a feature set that is relatively stripped down and supports a limited number of crypto tokens.

World App is built on Polygon, a blockchain which can send and receive Ethereum assets but has lower fees. It currently offers “wrapped” versions of Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as stablecoins such as the U.S.-dollar-pegged DAI Token (Worldcoin claims that more tokens will be coming soon).

Sada explained that “this really meets the need to keep all of those really important guarantees of self-custody and privacy of crypto” but in a manner that is just as friendly – that’s as friendly as custodial service providers who store crypto for customers.

Anyone who downloads World App will have access to all of the above features. World App, for those with a verified World ID will act as a digital passport, allowing retina-scanned humans to access apps and services that are only available to World ID holders.

Although there aren’t a lot of applications that use Wolrdcoin’s identity protocol, if you look closely, you can see the future visioned by Sada, where World ID will be integrated into the fabric of the blockchain and wider web.

Sada says that financial services are a large area where World ID may be useful in the future. “For instance, things like undercollateralized loans in DeFi have not been possible due to the lack of a sense of identity.”

Sada is excited by applications that allow for social media account verification and voting. He said that there are many interesting voting applications, whether you want to vote on a Twitter poll or for something more serious.

World App will be a portal for World ID users who wish to claim Worldcoins. However, the token is not available in the United States due to regulatory issues and the mechanics for claiming the token elsewhere are still a bit vague. Sada stated that “we are not able to say much about the Worldcoin at this time.”

World ID early adopters will receive at least one benefit, even though the benefits of having a World ID are mostly theoretical by May 2023. World ID holders can transact without any fees on World App.

World ID holders have had access to a beta version of the World App for several months. Tools for Humanity stated that 1.5 million users have signed up for the beta since its debut. More than 500,000 use it each month. On a daily basis, the app sees 60,000 transactions, 25,000 World ID checks, and more than 100,000 users around the globe.